Monday, 6 October 2014

A Travellers Guide to Forager's Newhome by Peter R Stone:

Travellers Guide to Newhome

Welcome to Newhome, a town complete with modern facilities and comprehensive services, situated directly north-west of the ruins of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Below are some tips to help you enjoy your stay with us.

Be Prepared for an Extended Stay

You are not permitted to leave the town for any reason.* This is for your own wellbeing, because it's not safe out there. Skel roam the ruins night and day, and we don't want you bumping into one of them, do we.

* Unless you’re a town sanctioned forager. And if you are, we wish you luck. You're going to need it, too. For if you’re caught by the Skel - well, let's just say we won't be making any rescue missions.

Observe the Town's Quaint Customs

Newhome boasts a unique culture which recognises the diverse roles played by males and females in a modern society. If you are female, note that young women are not permitted outside without a suitable chaperone. Furthermore, women may not speak without permission, are barred from school, and may not enter the workforce. If you are male, take care that you're never alone with an unmarried woman apart from a member of your family, for sexual misconduct is dealt with severely. The moral fabric of society must be upheld. Please also note that only authorised books may be read. This is for your protection. We don't want any subversive ideas popping into your heads, now do we?

Report Any Mutants

All mutations must be reported to the Custodians immediately. We all know the importance of keeping the human race pure, don't we?

Respect the Law

The Custodians are here for your protection. Ignore malicious rumours claiming they abuse their authority. These rumours are baseless slander. If you hear someone spreading such slander, report them to the nearest Custodian immediately.

All Citizens are Equal

All citizens in Newhome are equal enjoy equal rights. However, some citizens have more to contribute to society than others, and if they're lucky, they may win the right to move into Newhome's exclusive North End district.