What Customers are Saying About Forager

 "I read this book in one night and I recommend it to all who loves the dystopian theme with a beautiful love story." - Vals

"Loved it. One of my fave PA books I have read in a while. it was fun unraveling the mystery along with the main character. Went straight to book 2." - Christine

"This is one of the best post-apocalyptic books I have ever read. And I planned to read the rest in the series. I couldn't put it down and read it in about 24 hours!" - Malorie

From the first page, I was pleasantly surprised. This story is wonderful. The world itself is written so very well, to the point where I could envisage every single part of it. And the characters...I love that everyone in Ethan's home is one way, while the Japanese girl he saves is almost the exact opposite. Woman are to be seen and not heard, but this girl has guts like you wouldn't believe. I think that is why she was basically my favorite out of them all. And believe you me, there were a few contenders.   I need to admit that when the connection between Ethan and the girl was revealed, and they ended up happy as clams, I was disappointed. I felt like something was missing. But then I turned the page and BOOM!...drama. It was like the author wanted us to feel a kind of false sense of security, a kind of "okay, they are what?" type of thing. I LOVE THAT! I love being shown that, as a reader, I do not know what direction an author will go. I love being 180'd. It just takes the cake when an author can bring me from a calm state one minute to one of action and excitement the next.
   The second book in this series is definitely on my to-read list. I just can't get enough. It was interesting and flowed amazingly well and I just so floored by how much this book surprised me with it's quality. It was truly an outstanding story. - Kayla West

The main thing that I really really liked about Forager was that I was constantly taken by surprise, there were several events, both major and minor in terms of the plot, that I just didn't see coming, and am impressed by the ingenuity of the author in that sense. Also the ending was another surprise, I really couldn't work out what was going to happen. - Trips Down Imagination Road

I always find writing reviews difficult and for that reason I only write them for books I really love. Its hard to tell someone all the wonderful things about a story without giving away so many details that you take away the surprises and magic one gets from reading the story cold. However, Forager is such an engaging story that I had to encourage readers to give it a try.
   I read Forager in two days because I could not put it down. Mr. Stone shows us a world torn by nuclear war where forages search through the remnants to scavenge the precious metals needed to keep society going.
   The lead character, Ethan, is one of these foragers. His world is full of near constant fear. When he is outside the city he must deal with attacks from the barbarous Skels. When inside the walls, where he should be safe, he must deal with the brutal Custodians that "protect" the citizens of Newhome. Yet through it all Ethan remains courageous and principled.
   Stone gives enough detail that I can picture the world he describes. The crumbling buildings, the horrifying Skels, the immense walled city of Newhome. But not so much detail that the story bogs down. In fact Stone kept the suspense going to the point that I could not put the book down. I kept telling myself I would stop after this chapter yet when I got to the end I couldn't stop.
   Book two in the series (Infiltrator) is already out and I will be starting it today. I can't wait to continue the story! - Curtis L McCully

The author has given us a fully developed, post-apocalyptic world and populated it with great characters. The plot is imaginative and I was absorbed with the story immediately. The society of Newhome, highly structured with rigid and unforgiving laws and traditions, sets the stage for the variety of characters and their hopeless lives (although the ambitious can aspire to entry into the privileged and mysterious part of the city known as "North Gate.")
    The mix of actually existing items like the Custodians' Bushmaster vehicles and Austeyr assault rifles add a touch of our present to Ethan's reality, and I found that fun. I also liked that the characters used actual Melbourne street and place names on the foraging trips. I imagine if the reader actually lived in Melbourne that would be pretty cool.
    The action was tense, tight, and held a number of twists that I never saw coming. As I read, I did not want to put the book down, respect the clock, and get on with what needed doing (sleep, work, etc.) in my day-to-day. I just needed to read "one more chapter." I truly enjoyed this book and will have to build up my stamina for when the Forager sequel - Infiltrator - comes out later in 2014. - Karen Sidall

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