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Award-Winning Finalist in the “Fiction: Science Fiction” category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards 
Eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones has a secret that even his parents and foraging companions don't know. And if that secret is discovered, he'll be dragged away by the town's draconian paramilitary Custodians to be dissected like a frog.

The only time he feels safe, the only time he feels free, is when he's out in the ruins of 2122 AD Melbourne, foraging for scrap metals. The dull, drudgery of his life, however, is shattered when he rescues a mysterious Japanese girl from the degenerate, savage Skel. A girl who then breaks the town's rigid conventions in her attempts to get to know him, a girl who also carries the pain of a broken heart.

Meanwhile, the nomadic Skel savages are ramping up their attacks on Newhome's foraging teams and infesting Melbourne's ruins in ever greater numbers. Is this part of a larger plan that could spell the town's doom?

Infiltrator Forager Trilogy Part 2

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For eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones, Nanako, and the surviving members of his foraging team, the trip back to Newhome is a nightmarish journey fraught with danger.

When they do get back to Newhome, Nanako's dreams of a normal life are shattered when Ethan's jilted ex-fiancé makes it her personal goal to turn Nanako's life into a living hell. And as if that isn't enough, she and Ethan fall afoul of a senior officer of the town's draconian Custodian police force.

To complicate matters, more memory fragments from Ethan's missing year surface, bewildering him with their horrific implications - what exactly did he get up to with the Hamamachi Rangers two years ago? Did they - did he - really commit such heinous crimes?

Furthermore, a Hamamachi Ranger who used to have the hots for Ethan stumps him when she asks if Nanako has told him the dreadful things that happened to her after she was dumped back in Hamamachi two years ago. What are these disturbing secrets from her past that Nanako is hiding from him?

Against this backdrop of personal anguish, the Hamamachi Rangers and ferocious Skel, dead set upon revenge, unleash their diabolical plan against Newhome. But how far will they go in their quest for vengeance? Can the Custodians stop them, or should Ethan risk his life again by stepping up to help save the town, going against Nanako and her insistence that he stay away from combat because she can't bear the thought of losing him.

Expatriate Forager Trilogy Pt 3

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Eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones, Nanako, and the other foragers have been forced to flee Newhome after being accused of being terrorists - a title they partly earned when they blew that massive hole in Newhome's eastern wall.

However, just because they have been exiled from the town does not mean they will abondon it. With Captain Smithson's parting words of "Don't forget us," ringing in their minds, they realise that the only way to save Newhome from the Hamamachi Rangers and their Skel allies is to document and expose the Rangers villainy.

Yet what sounds like a workable plan turns out to be nothing of the sort, for to obtain this information they will have to journey into the very heart of Skel territory and risk their very lives in the process.
Leigh's warning uttered at the beginning of the venture, that "nothing ever goes as you want or plan it to," turns out to be prophetic, for nothing goes as smoothly as they hoped. An assassin, a botched raid, and the Skel and Rangers stopping at nothing to stop them revealing the Rangers' activities all complicate matters.

To add to their woes, a word whispered in Ethan's ear by a new addition to their party brings his world crashing down about his ears. And should he share this information with Nanako, all her hopes and dreams for the future will be destroyed as well, but how long can he keep such a secret from her?

Forager - The Complete Trilogy

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Forager - the Complete Trilogy - for one low price.
Includes: * Forager * Infiltrator * Expatriate * That's over 230,000 words and 823 pages.

Impersonator (Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 1) - FREE on Kindle

A century after a global nuclear war, eighteen-year-old Chelsea Thomas has spent her life living in fear of Newhome’s paramilitary Custodians, due to a prohibited rogue ability.

In the past week, her twin brother – a forager – has uncharacteristically run away from home and work after the mysterious death of a teammate. Something has also scared her normally unflappable father half to death, and, their family is threatened with eviction.

But her brother’s disappearance presents her with a long-sought after opportunity to escape Newhome, since only the foragers – all men – are allowed to leave the town. All she has to do is impersonate her brother long enough to make her escape while foraging out in the ruins.

But she never counted on the kindness of Ryan Hill, a forager new to the team. Nor on barbaric Skel attacking the team the moment she makes her escape. She has to choose between making good on her escape or saving Ryan and the others.

* Impersonator is Book One in a new trilogy set in the world of Peter R Stone’s Forager Trilogy. Although it starts three years before the events in Forager, it is not a prequel. It will catch up to, carry on, and draw to a conclusion the Forager Trilogy storyline. It can be read independently of Forager. (Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 2) 
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After a lifetime spent trying to avoid the ominous building, Chelsea Thomas is now in the one place she fears more than any other – the Geneticists Laboratory. Sent there by Ryan Hill to ascertain exactly what the geneticists are up to, she soon finds out that the Lab is not the easy target they had supposed it to be. There is a reason the girls incarcerated there worship the very ground the chancellor walks on, and she is about to find out what it is.

Chelsea’s world comes crashing down soon afterwards when the councillor in charge of the Specialists’ program, Mr. Cho, makes a shocking revelation. Now she doesn’t know who to trust, suspecting that even Ryan has a secret agenda he’s keeping hidden from her.

 Continuing to impersonate her brother, she stumbles across a terrorist group intent on using force and violence to topple the chancellor and his Custodian lackeys, by any and all means necessary. Mr. Cho’s plan of using the Specialists to infiltrate the group is threatened with derailment when the chancellor reveals his own nefarious plan for the girls.

* Specialist is Book Two in a new trilogy set in the world of Peter R Stone’s Forager Trilogy. Although the Impersonator Trilogy starts three years before the events in Forager, it is not a prequel. It will catch up to, carry on, and draw to a conclusion the Forager Trilogy storyline.

Revolutionary (Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 3)

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The most dangerous man in Newhome, Councillor Cho, has been promoted to general. The first thing on his agenda is the complete ruination of the Japanese coastal town, Hamamachi. To achieve this, he makes the genetically engineered Specialist girls undergo an accelerated Custodian training course so he can send them off to war.

Chosen along with five of her biologically modified sisters, Chelsea Thomas is sent on the top-secret mission that will end the war with Hamamachi for good. What does General Cho care if several nearby towns suffer the same fate due to their close proximity to the Japanese town?

But what will Chelsea do when she learns that she will need to abandon her morals and go against everything she believes in to complete the mission? Will she ignore her conscience or defy Cho and go head-to-head against her sisters who are still under his mind-control?

Ethan Jones and Madison Taylor, serving in the Hamamachi Militia, are working tirelessly to rescue slaves from Skel controlled territories in an attempt to redress the Rangers shameful anti-immigration policies of the past.

At the same time, they are aware that time is running out for the biologically engineered girls imprisoned in Newhome. An opportunity arises for them to return home and rescue their kin, but a whole world of hurt is waiting for them should they decide to risk it.

Meanwhile, the chancellor moves forward the date to release the dreaded virus, sending Newhome's twin resistance movements into panic mode. If they don't act soon, theirs will be the last generation in Australia if not the world. But what chance do they have against a totalitarian regime policed by three-hundred brutal Custodians?

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