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  1. Enjoyable reads and I admire your quoting of the bible. I do have to admit that the scene with them blowing the still has drastically hurt the final book for me though. I lost so much respect for the characters that I'm finding hard to will myself to continue reading. Theres just absolutely zero pros to the action and a long long list of negatives even if they got away clean. How can I still respect them after having acted so stupidly and against the mission. It was in character for 2 of them but completely out of character for everyone else. I mean this was the kind of decision someone should of been like no, putting my foot down no, this serves no purpose, does no good and I refuse to allow any of you to endanger the lives of literally every living good person with this idiotic act.

    1. having finished it now, the book never really recovered from that. Madison seemed like a clinical psychopath and my feelings toward her ranged from dislike to wanting to shoot her in the head so that wasn't fun but I could deal and concerning the secret jones kept, why didn't he just say something like you were recovering from an attack and I was afraid it would send you into another one and you needed to keep your head in the game right now.. I mean thats why I thought he kept the secret and it was a good logical understandable and forgivable defense. Overall, I enjoyed the books and would of ranked them all 4 or 5 stars if not for the still incident.. As it stands, I would have to say 3 stars for the last one is as high as I could go.