Bushmaster Armoured Mobility Vehicle

The Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle is an Australian-built wheeled armoured vehicle, specially designed for Australian conditions. The Bushmaster is capable of carrying up to 9 soldiers and their equipment, fuel and supplies for 3 days. Click here for more details.

Austeyr F88 Assault Rifle

The Austeyr F88, a 5.56mm assault rifle, is the Australian Army's modified version of the Steyr AUG A1. Click here for more details.

Melbourne, 2122 A.D.

The world of 'Forager,' set in 2122 A.D., sees the remnants of the human race trying to survive in a world that was virtually destroyed by the Apocalypse one hundred years ago - a World War that rained nuclear bombs down on all nations. Click here for more details.

Soviet-built Whiskey-class Submarine

Some photos of the Soviet-built Whiskey-class submarine that is featured in 'Forager. Click here for more details.

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