Friday, 7 October 2016

Specialist - Forager Impersonator Trilogy Book 2 NOW AVAILABLE

(Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 2)

Available NOW on Amazon Kindle for $2.99

After a lifetime spent trying to avoid the ominous building, Chelsea Thomas is now in the one place she fears more than any other – the Geneticists Laboratory. Sent there by Ryan Hill to ascertain exactly what the geneticists are up to, she soon finds out that the Lab is not the easy target they had supposed it to be. There is a reason the girls incarcerated there worship the very ground the chancellor walks on, and she is about to find out what it is.

Chelsea’s world comes crashing down soon afterwards when the councilor in charge of the Specialists’ program, Mr. Cho, makes a shocking revelation. Now she doesn’t know who to trust, suspecting that even Ryan has a secret agenda he’s keeping hidden from her.

Continuing to impersonate her brother, she stumbles across a terrorist group intent on using force and violence to topple the chancellor and his Custodian lackeys, by any and all means necessary. Mr. Cho’s plan of using the Specialists to infiltrate the group is threatened with derailment when the chancellor reveals his own nefarious plan for the girls.

* Specialist is Book Two in the Forager Impersonator Trilogy. It is a new trilogy set in the world of Peter R Stone’s Forager Trilogy. Although the Forager Impersonator Trilogy starts three years before the events in Forager, it is not a prequel. It will catch up to, carry on, and draw to a conclusion the entire Forager Trilogy story line.

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