Saturday, 23 September 2017

Revolutionary, Forager Impersonator Book #3 - Now Available!

The Thrilling Conclusion to the Forager Impersonator and Forager Trilogies, Revolutionary, is now available on Amazon.

(Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 3)

The most dangerous man in Newhome, Councillor Cho, has been promoted to general. The first thing on his agenda is the complete ruination of the Japanese coastal town, Hamamachi. To achieve this, he makes the genetically engineered Specialist girls undergo an accelerated Custodian training course so he can send them off to war.

Chosen along with five of her biologically modified sisters, Chelsea Thomas is sent on the top-secret mission that will end the war with Hamamachi for good. What does General Cho care if several nearby towns suffer the same fate due to their close proximity to the Japanese town?

But what will Chelsea do when she learns that she will need to abandon her morals and go against everything she believes in to complete the mission? Will she ignore her conscience or defy Cho and go head-to-head against her sisters who are still under his mind-control?

Ethan Jones and Madison Taylor, serving in the Hamamachi Militia, are working tirelessly to rescue slaves from Skel controlled territories in an attempt to redress the Rangers shameful anti-immigration policies of the past.

At the same time, they are aware that time is running out for the biologically engineered girls imprisoned in Newhome. An opportunity arises for them to return home and rescue their kin, but a whole world of hurt is waiting for them should they decide to risk it.

Meanwhile, the chancellor moves forward the date to release the dreaded virus, sending Newhome's twin resistance movements into panic mode. If they don't act soon, theirs will be the last generation in Australia if not the world. But what chance do they have against a totalitarian regime policed by three-hundred brutal Custodians?

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